Lots of my animation is just vomited up all over the internet. Here's where you can find them all.


UNUSUAL! (2003)
The Braindead Monkeys are BATSHIT, and so is this music video.
Go to their site
Warnings: Extremely Avant-Garde!

Swearbears Contest Animation (2003)
SHITTY Contest entry. I doubt very much that Swearbears will have a TV show.
Warnings: Dicks, Tits, Farts, Drugs!

The Purple Pussy Music Video (2002)
The comic for girls gets it's own music video now!
Music by Erotic Golf
Warnings: violence, the word "dickpenis"

Super Fun Happy Song (2002)
Warnings: silly swearing, a brief penis, fat naked woman with censor circles, Fred Gwynn's head in a toilet

FUG (2001)
I don't know why people like this little blue shit, but they do.
I guess he was a hit with the Big Ones audience.
Warnings: contains silly swearing


CHU CHU (2002)
One night I took a remix of the Chu Chu rocket commercial (wonderfully mixed by
the talented Dale North) and stayed up ALL NIGHT animating it. 6 hours of sleeplessness.
I'm crazy, I do stuff like that sometimes.
Warnings: cartoonish violence on squishy blue mice. Dead CEO of Sega. Disturbing images.
and breif f-word text.

After seeing CHU CHU, Dale North asked me to do another video of one of his mixes.
In this one he got creative, taking out the Japanese lyrics and creating his own.
You can download the song here:
Warnings: Old pharmacy owner stereotypes, punk kid stereotypes, swearing, pipi punching action.

Wifebeater (2002)
Jay Stile of The Stile Project commissioned me to do this animation of his song "Wifebeater."
It's just as bad as it sounds. I'm not sure if there's a message in the song. If there is, it's
"only drunken inbred assholes with mullets beat their wife." Enjoy.
Warnings: offensive to everyone. I'd rate this NC-17.

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The Furry Woodlands (theme) (2001)
Failed webseries. It never got to full production. I gave up on it too.
The Furry Woodlands was going to be a webshow where the characters all danced and sang
to techno beats of their own design. In each episode they'd get into "crazy" situations and have
a "phat beat" that went along with it. This show may also look a little too much like Happy
Tree Friends
or Miss Muffy. Maybe someone will buy it off me and I can get this monkey off
my back!
Warnings: violence, quick cuts to images of nudity and disturbing images.

The Furry Woodlands (pilot) (2000)
The only existing episode of The Furry Woodlands. The real first episode used to be at BullsEyeArt,
but they cleared out their site. I don't have the original either. It was once on my computer in
New Jersey, but tons of other unfinished animations and stuff got deleted. In this episode they
explain what they do... which is dance and sing and be naughty.
Warnings: masturbation with a carrot, disturbing violence, swearing. NC-17

Lowtax Kills The Furries (2001)
This was going to be a lot longer. I didn't think I'd finish it in time and I was getting ready to
move out of my old place in Jersey. So here's the half finished project!
Warnings: violence. Possibly offensive to furries.

Root WINS! (2001)
Root won a contest!
Warnings: violence.